Factory Price Window


When your existing window is no longer repairable or not cost effective to service, we have alternate solutions for you as our subsidiary company Hands@Windows Aluminium Works could fabricate different kinds of NEW aluminium products to suit your needs.


Check out our sliding and casement window, fix panel window, top hung window, toilet louver window, aluminium grille and all kinds of customized products.


Feel free to choose from our various design, customized, glass material (tempered or laminated), glass color and finishing (anodized/powdered coated) of your choices.  We are delighted to provide you with samples readily upon request.

Sliding windowSliding Windowcasement windowCasement WindowTop Hung WindowPush Hung Window


As we manages our own production, we are in control of providing good workmanship and on-time delivery even during peak periods.  As a direct supplier, we offer competitive price directly to home owners without going through third party which eliminates unnecessary communications and precious time.


Being a responsible manufacturer, all our products are in compliance with local authority guidelines, meet safety measures, practical to use, easy maintenance and highly durable.  Our team of experience staff are confident to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  We commit to provide excellent service and after sales support at all times.


Do send us your window dimensions or floor plan via email and we will be able to provide you with a price estimate and recommendations at no charge.  This will enable you to consider our proposal without obligations.  We believe in providing good service and price therefore we do not advertise or hard sell our products.  Each of our respected customers happily placed orders with us confidently.